Sandy Beach Park

Sandy Beach Park is my favorite location to shoot at! This location is my most popular location and is about 20-25 min away from Waikiki. Sandy Beach has lava rocks, mountains in the background, greenery, waves and large sandy beach. This looks more like a true Hawaiian location. I love shooting at this location in the mornings at around 9am or 10am or for sunset! The sunset at this beach is not a direct sunset, but you still get amazing colors in the sky and photos always turn out amazing! This beach is great for family photoshoots, couples photoshoots, maternity photoshoots, weddings and more!

Waialae Beach Park

Waialae Beach Park is my next favorite location to shoot at! This location is one of the most popular locations to shoot at on the island of Oahu! Waialae Beach is about 10-15 min away from Waikiki. This location has lots of palm trees, crystal clear blue water, an island in the distance and sandy beach. This location looks very manicured with a wide variety of spots to shoot at along the beach. This location tends to get busy with other photoshoots in the late morning so my ideal time to start shooting is in the early morning between 8:30am-10:00am. This location is great for all types of shoots such as family, couples, maternity, weddings, vow renewals and more!

Secret Beach Ko Olina

Secret Beach is another location that I shoot at for anyone who’s staying at one of the Ko Olina resorts! This location has rocks, palm trees, mountains in the distance and has amazing sunsets! This location is a public beach located behind the Four Seasons. This is the most popular shooting spot for anyone staying at Ko Olina. Sunset is definitely the best time to shoot at this location. Since this location is the farthest and tends to add an extra 3 hours of travel time, I do charge a travel fee of $100 to shoot at this location. This location is great for families, couples, weddings and more!

  1. Sandy Beach Park

2. Waialae Beach Park

3. Secret Beach Ko Olina